Our Boys

It always makes me happy to be around our pups so hopefully seeing them will have that effect on you too.  They are Min Pins (Miniature Pinschers) if that matters.
Solow is the one that’s black and tan.  People assume his name is “Solo” as in a solo flight but it is “Solow” as in so low to the ground.  We’ve raised him from the teeny tiny pup he was and he is the sweetest little dog ever!  Now he needs to lose some weight so I see more trips to the beach in his future.  This is Solow when he was just a wee lad.

Hootie was a rescue dog from Katrina.  He had so many serious and life threatening health issues that his vet bill ran into the thousands.   He has a huge thick medical file and it’s astonishing and sad (but also inspirational) to think of all that he went through.  He is definitely a fighter!  That all happened before we met him and we are very grateful that people donated what was needed to save him.
The thing with Hootie is I tease him that he’s not quite right in the head.  Perhaps it was due to exhaustion from touring with the Blowfish– but whatever the reason he has some interesting habits.  He just acts odd sometimes.  He makes these bizarre moaning sounds while holding his mouth wide open.  Some day when he’s having one of his episodes we’ll record him for You Tube.  It will be titled something like “Hootie Needs Therapy”.  But he is part of our happy little dysfunctional family and we love him very much just the same.  He is an awesome and amazing pup!
Anyway, here are our boys in a rare moment when they’re behaving themselves AND getting along with each other.   So that’s happened exactly once and this is that time.  : )

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