Day 6 Inspired Remnants Curious DReams Blog Tour

I’m still here!  And today is Nancy Perennec’s day to host the tour.  Nancy has been posting all along the tour on her Little Bit Wired blog and featuring many fantastic artists who use epoxy clay.

Nancy was also featured in my book I’m happy to say!  Here is the amazing piece I just fell in love with . . . The Reluctant Prince.  Is that not the sweetest EVER!!!

And now on her “host” day she is showing a lot of her own work and you can really see what an amazing artist she is.  Plus she is sharing tips on using  Apoxie Sculpt clay. I mostly use a different formula in the book so this is the place to go to find out more about using Apoxie.   : )

Nancy is also offering an extra giveaway of super cool buttons you can win in addition to the sponsored prizes.  The great thing about the buttons is she shows exactly how she made them.  Brilliant idea Nancy!


It is especially satisfying to share art from those that I think my readers aren’t familiar with.  Jean Bernard is a fabulous artist who works with many mediums as  you’ll see when you visit her site.  I really wanted her in my book but the images were just not high enough resolution required by the publisher.   So at long last I’m finally able to showcase some of her art!

Now as I’ve said so many times you can do anything with epoxy clay.  Here are two perfect examples.   How would you like to fill your home with custom fantasy furniture?!?!?  Just look at the details of this chair.  See all the little faces and such?!?!?  You can click twice on the image for the largest view.  Now won’t you look at grungy garage sale and thrift store furniture differently?!?

Life size chair with epoxy clay details

And how about this absolutely fabulous cake topper!!!   Little known fact is this was for Erin’s wedding cake.   That would be Erin my technical adviser extraordinaire from Aves Studios.  One day I was going on and on about Jean’s cake topper and Erin told me that she knew all about it and why.  : )

Wedding Cake Topper

And here is a detail shot.

Wedding Cake Topper detail

I can’t possibly begin to share everything that Jean does.  She has wonderful online classes and such– some using epoxy clay and many other fabulous materials.  So go there already!

Hope you have the grandest of days!!

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  1. May 6, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Thanks Kerin for the lovely boost! I feel quite honoured to be part of your wonderful book and in such talented company! I once took one of Jean’s classes and am often inspired by her work!

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